Saturday, February 27, 2010

big undies

Last weekend was the throwdown of whiskerino. I had 2 peoples sleeping in my room one left his undies they are bigger than my dog poco. I don't want to wear that big of undies because poco stands like 1 1/2 feet of the ground. Any way me
and icee (a.k.a the crouch cannibal) have been wrestling before school and when i get down on the floor and curl up in a ball he starts to hump me. Then i get out of a ball and start to slap him then he puts his paw on my crouch then i slap him again then he slaps me back moving on to Poco (a.k.a the pee in the house) has been doing good except shes been peeing in the house moving on to the chihuahua sophie(a.k.a the terdball)she's grumpy and mean as usual.

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i have 3 dogs poco icee and sophie i am trying to teach icee to hump on command