Monday, July 20, 2009


so i haven't been able to update when we got here about 12:30 pm cause our stupid GPS (never trust or get one they're not worth a hundred bucks)so when we get to our condo or motel room i go to the bathroom and figure something out we have a jacuzzi i started say o god then we figure we have no connection to the Internet so i couldn't blog earlier because my dad was hogging the computer so we went to the national air and space museum me and my mom went to the simulator it was freaking scary so we started off as an old timey plane like a cross between a biplane and something else and ended like a F-15 so we keep getting calls from these timeshare peeps they're annoying they want us to come on a tour with them we r saying screw u to them

Thursday, July 16, 2009

so tomorrow we r going to dc (we=me my mom an dad) we are going by plane and i asked
me:dad do we get like a coke and something to eat
dad:ya they'll provide us with peanuts and something to drink
me:well that's convenient i was thinking about taking cereal and milk in a bag
dad:well they wont let u do that
me:well that's y i asked u
dad:so what else were u going to do while we are on the plane
me:play video games and other stuff like go to the bathroom hopefully not while we are landing or when the air is really bumpy
that's the end for this blog about this trip but its not the last one while i take pics on the plane of clouds and the international airport of Nashville, Tennessee so ill update it when we get to our motel room

Monday, July 13, 2009

me and my dad have a fantasy team were called the toilets so if u have 1 plz tell me
so far my mom called the vet today the vet said that if he acts normal u dont need to bring him in if he starts acting un normal thenbring him in

Sunday, July 12, 2009

nights at this freaky house

so we have a problem over here at 726 st Francis av its bad luck for icee 1st thing he is abandoned 2nd hes attacked by a vicious retarded mastiff and 3rd he gets stuck in our coffee table. so my mom gets up she and my dad was watching a movie called the jumper my dads dad could have called it a @#$%^=bad movie so my mom calls 911 the operator says the only peeps that can help u r animals control she says screw u to the operator so five minutes later police arrive he says he has to come to make sure everything is alright but guess wat it isnt the dog is still stuck so he pulls out some gloves puts them on then pulls out a flashlight when we have the lights on then he calls for the rienforcments there called the firefighters so when they get here we(us +friends+we)r already hacksawing so they come in and tells us to stop hacksawing and they bring out the jaws of life the run on hydrauylics so then they starting cliping away i have poco our little small dog so when my parents to icee to the vet i was at a friends house so when they get there he stands pefectly and limps a little so well take him to the vet tommorrow ill update it after we get home

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