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Saturday, May 30, 2009

i pfg pfg=passed fourth grade had a hockey game today so tyred.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

this is poco she is 5 months old she is 1/10 chihuahua and the rest shiztu
my neighbors got a little golden retriever puppy (actually a month ago)yesterday i saw him he had gotten so big

Sunday, May 3, 2009

how to tell if people are morons

i was just adding on to the dam when these morons came up to my part of the creek here's how i knew they were morons

  1. they stunk like poop
  2. they used the lamest excuse in the book "i just remembered we have to go home to eat dinner now"
  3. they didn't know how do build a dadgum dam

they haven't met the invention of soap yet

so don't be kind around them [if u want to get in a fight] that's something i do allot its fun and its perfect for online dating
somethings in life r boring like no video games or no wii life sucks
so far in school i think ill pass 4th grade cause all i think about is food!ill let u know if i pass if i dont than that sucks just like the detroit red wings ha chris chelios is a sissy

my dam

on may 2nd me and my friend built a dam in the creek behind my house[i am the son of ozzy nelson] that night it stormed alot but i was sound asleep the next morning after church i went to check on the dam 2 /3rds were knocked down i will get some pics up later this year i lost my usb cable

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